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Welcome to Transcend Impressions Photography

​I'm Elijah, the creator behind the lens of Transcend Impressions.     

My fascination with photography ignited at a young age when my grandpa handed me a tiny red camera to capture everyday moments. Over time, my lens gravitated toward nature, since it brings me a profound sense of peace unlike how social events made me feel, but a turning point occurred at around age 16. During a social event where armed with a camera, I found something that allowed me to make a connection with people that transcended my social anxieties. It was then that I realized photography was more than a passion; it became a medium to connect to people, remember history, and create lasting memories for others.      

The heart of Transcend Impressions Photography lies in capturing authentic moments, weaving stories, and going beyond basic impressions creating a level of uniqueness. When you choose me as your photographer, I strive to understand you on a personal level and gauge your comfort in front of the camera to tailor a session custom to you.

Documentary mixed with a little editorial is how I best like to shoot. This means during events, I seamlessly shift between being an unobtrusive observer and a director, ensuring a blend of candid and curated shots. I believe in the power of details, whether it's capturing the ambiance of an event or the unique personality traits during a portrait session, the goal is always the same, tell the story. My post-processing approach is minimal yet impactful, preserving authenticity. From event + portrait photography to real estate, travel, and landscape photography, each frame snapped always tells a tale. The goal of every photograph is not only to capture the essence of the subject but to prompt the viewer to look beyond how things seem and transcend impressions! Thank you for considering me as your photographer. I look forward to creating lasting memories with you.

Meet the Historian

Magical People Magical Moments

It isn't work - they're collaborations! 

Satisfying the needs of my clients is TOP priority.  They are the most important factor to any sort of successful photo, so connection is key. I am incredibly grateful for the occasions I've had to learn from each person I have worked with, seeing the production as a collaboration between their vision and my ability to execute. Below is a list of a few of the wonderful individuals I've worked with over the years.


Reese + Cameron

Central Florida, USA

Reese and Cameron and their outdoor barn wedding!

These two and their pup could not have been more of a pleasure to work with. When their original photographer wasn't able to make it in time for some of the shots, I was honored to take their photos!


the French River Band

French River, Ontario, Canada

Band and concert photography don't always hit, but these guys? They made it easy!

After attending a few gigs for the French River Band we were able to grab some stellar shots they're able to use for marketing and more!


Many Graduates!

Tallahassee, Florida, USA

When I was approached for graduation shoots by individuals who had never done a photoshoot, the natural beauty of Florida State's Campus made it easy to bring many first-time clients outdoors and introduce them to basic poses. After each mini-session, graduates would feel confident in their new ability to pose in front of a camera as well as have stunning graduation photos ready to share!

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